MAGIC Group Invitation System Overview
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MAGIC is an automated group invitation system, which uses our bot software and your alt to send invitations when someone visits your place of business, rents property, or even when they purchase a product*.  You or your alt do not need to be logged in - our software handles everything automatically. MAGIC can also eject members from rental groups when their rental period is over, or from groups with a time- limited membership. MAGIC works with a variety of inworld objects to trigger invitations to visitors and customers.  Signs and consoles can also allow visitors to request an invitation to a closed group, allowing you to control your membership better. See our system in action at our store, while inviter alts log in to send out invitations.  They are quick, so don’t blink, or you may miss them!  You may also request an invitation to a test group so you can see how the system works. MAGIC Group Inviter System Landing Area
Read the documentation here.  It is rather long, but I help new customer set up the system when they are getting started for the first time: MAGIC Documentation MAGIC is offered as a 6-month subscription initially, with or without metrics (statistics), with renewals for 90 days or 180 days afterwards. Do you need a customized version of MAGIC?  We have created many modifications for residents, which range from the simple to the complex.  Simple modifications are done at no charge, while fees for more involved customization will need to determined based on the project requirements.  Contact Bopete Yossarian for details. Vendors are also located at the Landing Area. Note: MAGIC may only be used for groups for which you are an owner or an officer.  You must also have or be able to create an alt that is used only for sending invitations. Note: Some of the older notecards, objects, etc use the product name “MAGIC”.  I am in the slow process of changing everything over to the name “MAGIC”, so this may cause some confusion until the change is complete. * Invitations can only be sent for products purchased on the SL Marketplace if they are packed in a box, since a script must be activated when the box is rezzed out.  Products sold in a folder will not be able to automatically invite the purchaser to your group.
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