Table of Contents 1.0  Product Overview     1.1  MAGIC subscription package contents (Plugins and devices)     1.2  Terms and Conditions for the MAGIC subscription use 2.0  Setup Overview 3.0  First MAGIC Step:  Set up your Inviter Alt   3.1  Create an Alt   3.2  Set the Inviter Role   4.0  Second MAGIC Step:  Set Up the MAGIC Server     4.1  MAGIC System Server 1.0 Menu Options         4.1.1  Seller Key         4.1.2  Reset         4.1.3  Metrics         4.1.4  Server Key         4.1.5  IM Off         4.1.6  IM On         4.1.7  Help:  Gives subscriber this notecard.         5.0  Third MAGIC Step:  Return the MAGIC Subscription Token 6.0  Fourth MAGIC Step:  Setup Your MAGIC Devices (Overview)             6.0.1  Too much of a good thing is not always good         6.1  Proximity and Touch Triggers             6.1.1  The MAGIC Greeter Mat 1.2         6.1.2  MAGIC Greeter Mat Menu Options:     Reset     Power On     Power Off     Help                     6.1.3  The MAGIC Proximity Inviter 1.2         6.1.4  MAGIC Proximity Inviter Menu Options:     Reset     Power On     Power Off     Help                     6.1.5  The MAGIC Touch Terminal         6.1.6  MAGIC Inviter Terminal 1.0 Menu Options:     Owner Cmd     Reset     Power On     Power Off     IM On     IM Off     Help     6.2  Vendor Devices and Plug-Ins         6.2.1  The MAGIC PLUGIN1 -HippoVEND          6.2.2  The MAGIC PLUGIN1 -JEVN         6.2.3  The MAGIC PLUGIN1 -SL Marketplace         6.2.4  The MAGIC PLUGIN1 -MAGICPACK      6.3  Rental Cubes and Devices          6.3.1  The MAGIC PLUGIN1 -Apez AutoLease          6.3.2  The MAGIC PLUGIN1 -HippoRENT         6.3.3  The Temporal Rental Cube with MAGIC Plugin  7.0  Setup Your MAGIC Devices General Instructions 8.0  Trouble Shooting  
MAGIC Group Inviter System Documentation
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Last updated Sep 22, 2013
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