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1.0  Overview of Features The first HUD based tool designed by Game and Event Hosts to make you more effective at party and event managment!  Perfect for DJ's, game, contest and event hosts! When the wizards at Temporal Gadgets decided to make a HUD based gadget specfically for Second Life Event Hosts, the first thing we did was go out and go to a lot of parties, events, group games, trivia contests and in world auctions.  We talked to a ton of Event Hosts, to try to find out what was important to them (thanks James and Jo).  So we went back to our workroom and came up with the one and only Event Host's HUD!!! The HUD is customizable and copiable so you can put a copy in every outfit you own!  Easy to use and packed with features that every Event Host and Club manager that runs their own events needs all the time!  Things that no other gadget in Second Life can provide!!!  Features like: Automated Notecard, Item and Picture giver:  Drop your own advertising and event notecards, pictures and best of all OBJECTS into the HUD, then just touch the "Give Items" button on the hud, then choose which item to deliver on the popup menu...then, to make it even simpler...choose the persons name from the next menu!  The hud constantly senses who is around you and populates the menu with the names of the 12 closest avatars!  No more searching your inventory to find an ad, a price list, a photo, or a freebie gift for a visitor... no more dragging and dropping!   Just three clicks and they have your information!!! The Text Say/Shout Chatterbox:  Every host spends time typing the same things over and over again, every time they work.  The same phrases, the same welcomes, the same contests.  Tired of copying and pasting the rules of that game you are hosting a hundred times a night?...or even worse...TYPING it every time?  Why go to all that trouble, when you can program them into the the Text Chatterbox Settings card in the Event Host's HUD and "say"  them to your clients at the touch of a button?  Not only that, but now we offer you the option of SHOUTING IT OUT at your event!!!  Program in up to 72 custom things to say/shout out to your customers!  Simple to program, simple to use, save your fingers and your time! The Voice Chatterbox:  Create your own sound files or buy them on slexchange.com, many are free!  If you create your own specialty sounds, just upload them, then drop them into the contents of the HUD to play back at your events AutoKeying:  When you unpack the Event Host HUD into your inventory, it will automatically key itself  to YOUR name, so that the Text Chatterbox chat will appear to be coming from you, not the Event Host HUD.  Just another of the ways our wizards anticipated the Second Life host's needs! The local radar:  A floating text radar that tells you the distance to the closest avatars around you.  The radar hovers over the HUD and can be toggled on and off with a touch! 2.0  Quick Setup         2.1  Package Contents:  When you rezzed the package containing the Event Host HUD, the hover text told you to touch the box to unpack it into your inventory.  It created a folder in your inventory named "Temporal Gadgets~Event Host HUD".  In this folder you will find the Event Host HUD 1.0 and this notecard.  Attach the Event Host HUD to a HUD location on your screen by right clicking it in your inventory and choosing "Attach to HUD".  You will be given a menu of locations to attach the HUD.  Once the HUD is visible on your screen, you may right click it, choose edit from the round menu, and using the edit arrows, position it where you wish.    It is important that the HUD be worn on a HUD position, not on a body part to function correctly.     2.2 The Radar:  The only user configurable feature for the Radar function, is that it may be toggled on and off.  All other functionality is automatic.     2.3 Give Items:  Give items is designed to allow you to load notecards, photos, textures and freebie items to the Event Host HUD so that you can distribute them to the event attendees.  You may load up to 12 items into the Event Host HUD.  To load the HUD, just wear the HUD on a HUD position.  Right click the HUD and choose edit from the round menu.  When the edit window opens, choose the contents tab from the edit window, then drag your photos, textures, freebies  and notecards to the contents window.  Close the edit window, then click on the menu button and choose reset. (set your perms on all items to be distributed  to be copy, modifiable and transferable)         2.4 Menu:   There are no user configurable features in the menu button.         2.5 Voice Chatterbox:  The Voice Chatterbox feature activates any sound file added to the contents of the Event Host HUD.  You may have a total of 72 sound files in the contents of the Event Host HUD.  To add your own sound files, right click on the HUD while wearing it, and choose edit from the round menu, then open the contents tab of the edit window, and drag the sound files from your inventory to the HUD's contents.  Exit the edit, and reset the HUD if it does not do it automatically.     2.6 Text Chatterbox:  To setup the Text Chatterbox in the Event Host HUD, right click on the HUD while wearing it, and choose Edit from the round menu.  In the contents tab of the edit window, you will find a notecard named "*Text Chatterbox Settings".  Double click this notecard to open it for editing.  You will note that the card has lines of text on it in the following format: <buttonname>|<Text to chat to a customer> The buttonname section of the entry is what will show on the Text Chatterbox menu, and the remaining text is what will be said by the HUD when you touch that menu button.  Some sample entries have been made for you.  You may edit these and add more.  You may enter up to 72 text chatterbox items to say to an event crowd.  Add each item to it's own separate line on the notecard.  Do not leave any blank spaces at the front or the end of each line.  After you have edited the *Text Chatterbox Settings notecard, save it, and then reset the hud from the menu button.  We have now added the added feature that gives you the option of “saying” the text (20 meter range) or “SHOUTING” the text (100 meter range). 3.0   HUD Use     3.1 The Radar: The radar in the Event Host HUD is automatic, it will begin running when the HUD is attached to a HUD position.  You may toggle the radar display on and off by clicking the "Radar" button on the HUD     3.2 Give Items:  The "Give Items" button is very simple to use, merely touch the button on the HUD.  This will give you a menu that has buttons for each Notecards, Photos and/or freebie items that you loaded into the HUD in step 2.3.  Touch the button for which item you wish to give.  This will in turn, give you another menu with the names of the 12 closest avatars.  Just click the button with the name of the person you wish to give the notecard, photo or item to, and it is delivered to them.     3.3 Menu:  The "Menu" button gives you the ability to Reset the HUD after editing a notecard, or adding files to the HUD and to open this notecard if you need to reference setup or usage instructions.     3.4 Voice Chatterbox:  Using the Voice Chatterbox is very simple.  Just touch the Voice Chatterbox button on the HUD, and choose a sound from the menu.  There are several menu "page", and each one has a "next" button as well, to allow you to find the sound file you want to use.  Familiarize yourself with any personal sound files you installed yourself.  You may upload your own sound files, or you may obtain many free ones at www.slexchange.com, just do a search for “sounds”     3.5 Text Chatterbox:  Again, this feature is very simple to use.  Just click on the Text Chatterbox button on the HUD and choose what you want to say, then choose whether you wish to “say” or “shout” the phrase.  It will appear in text just as if you had typed it and said it in chat, the only difference being that it will appear in green text.  This is a function of Second Life, that all chat coming from an object shows up in green text.      4.0  Troubleshooting     4.1  When attaching the HUD for use, choose a position that is not already populated by another HUD attachment.         4.2  The HUD MUST be worn on a HUD position. The HUD has vanished from my screen: The video by Torley Linden on how to retrieve a HUD that has gone off your screen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Viksbg-juw4 covers how best to find your missing HUD. (Usually the vanishing HUD is due to the screen widow being resized. Fairly often, if you enlarge the window, you'll find a piece of the HUD. Right click (open-apple click on the Mac) on the device and use the location arrows to reposition it in your window.
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