History Created in 2006 by Temporal Mitra, Temporal Industries is the parent company for many other Second Life businesses.  These businesses included advertising, property liquidation and management, real estate sales, gadget stores, boutiques, hotels, game creation, publishing and custom building and scripting services.  Temporal Industries employed scripters, writers, builders, animators and salespersons to support the products that were created and sold on the Second Life platform. Bopete Yossarian joined Temporal Industries in February 2007, first as lead scripter, then as co-owner of Temporal Industries.  Together, Temporal and Bopete strived in all ways to provide excellent services and products for a reasonable price, and to provide timely and comprehensive customer support for everything they offered to their valued customers.
About Temporal Industries
Current In February 2013, Temporal Mitra passed away in real life, shortly after being diagnosed with esophogeal cancer.  Temporal was amazingly smart, funny, and hard-working.  He had an endless stream of ideas for products, and had a real gift for finding bugs.  He was always more than happy to drop whatever he was doing to help someone.  He owned his own IT company in Florida.  Temporal and Bopete were best friends inworld and out, and in addition to the inworld projects they were always working on, they also developed many websites together for real world small businesses.  He is greatly missed. Bopete Yossarian has taken over all business matters, and is in the process of downsizing and restructuring Temporal Industries.  Bopete was granted official ownership of Temporal’s Second Life account by Linden Lab in June 2013.  Bopete still supports all current products and services, and looks forward to more development in the future.  Temporal Industries is not currently taking on any custom projects, however.
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Temporal Mitra joined SL Jul 2006
Bopete Yossarian joined SL Feb 2004